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      Company Profile


      Shandong Chinasun International Ships Management Co., Ltd.,(hereinafter referred to as "Shandong International") is restructured from the Shipping Subsidiary of Shandong International on the basis of Qingdao New Start International Ships Management Co., Ltd. The company has obtained A-class manning license issued by China MSA, and it is also a member of China Coordination Council for Overseas Seaman Employment as well as Shandong Seafarer Service Association. Shandong International enjoys excellent reputation and popularity in the industry and has passed the DNV-GL ISO9001 quality management system certification to manage the company more elaborately by focusing on the customers’ needs and expectation.

       In recent years, the company has grown rapidly and established close business collaboration with over a dozen overseas and domestic shipping enterprises. The company dispatches seafarers in full set, half set or individually at the customer’s request. Currently, it is managing more than 60 full-set ships ranging from VLCC, LPG Carriers, Bulk Carriers, General Cargo ships, Log Carriers and Container Ships. The company embraces a crew pool of more than 3000 registered seafarers, of which over 1200 are currently working onboard. Shandong International is one of the seafarers manning companies with the greatest growth potential in China.

      The company forges ahead with determination, and continuously broadens the business scope in addition to the crew manning business. The company acquired the international ship management license issued by Shandong Transportation Department and the DOC ship management certificate issued by the Panamanian authority. Currently, the company is managing 4 handy size bulk carriers trading worldwide.

      The company attaches great importance to the crew training, and utilizes Karco CBT, Seagull CBT and Marlins English testing softwares to conduct various crew training including crew pre-joining training, onboard tracking and training through different types of assignments,skill-enhancing training for different positions for those on vacation so as to improve the overall quality and performance of the crew.